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Using Goat Milk to Treat Pain

If you’re tired of taking pain medications that are either a greasy ointment that smells, puts you to sleep or just plain don’t work, try goat’s milk instead.

According to this article by Back Pain Relief Help, goat’s milk can alleviate pain caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other cases of chronic pain.

Want to Have a Peaceful Sleep Naturally?

Prescription sleep aids can either wear off or lead to addiction. Teas or other herbal drinks are good but sometimes cause people to make bathroom trips when they should be getting a peaceful nights’ somber.

According to an article in, lavender can help with anxiety and insomnia (lack of sleep). This treatment is not new as it goes back to the 17th Century as a way to ease what we know as headaches.

Eczema and Your Child

Sometimes we may see babies or younger kids with small or faint rashes on their face and think that they must get a lot of kisses from different people and that it will pass in a couple of days. Though eczema only affects 1 out of 5 kids, it can be hard to tell just by looking whether there is a serious skin condition involved.

Your child may have eczema if their skin is –

Extremely dry and itchy
Has bumps

Making Lye Soap – Saponification

Saponification is the chemical process of making soap that involves an exothermic reaction between lye (sodium hydroxide) and a fat (usually oils). What is commonly known as cold process soap making yields a glycerin-rich soap, which used to be referred to as lye soap. People may associate lye soap with something that is unpleasant to use because too much lye was used in the soap formula and lye (sodium hydroxide) remained in the bar of soap to irritate and burn the skin. Soap cannot be made without using lye. When made correctly, no lye will remain in the bar of soap.

Soap cannot be made without using lye but when done the right way, no lye will remain in the bar of soap.

Psoriasis or Dermatitis?

Do you have a bothersome skin rash that may have been caused by a change in climate, food allergy or the possibility of an insect bite? Though plaque psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder that may be hereditary, visit your health practitioner if you have any of these symptoms –

Deep red spots on skin
Scaly skin
Or a silvery film of skin on top of inflamed area

Facts About Eczema Pt.2

While detergents can harm your skin, the perfuming agents used to give that nice but strong scent can wreck havoc on eczema or sensitive skin. This is why an ocean breeze or tropical aroma may seem like a nice idea for fresh laundry but here are some facts as to how detergent scents can harm you and your family. So if you have eczema or another skin disorder, try using an unscented detergent to clean your clothes.

Facts About Eczema

Many factors can cause an eczema breakout which can be especially rough on children since they may not realize that scratching only makes it worse. Here are some ways to alleviate the itch and discomfort associated with eczema.